Incheon, Korea

Incheon is an important transport hub where Incheon International Airport, a major global airport of Northeast Asia, and the Port of Incheon, a central base of global trade and logistics, are located. It takes about 20 minutes by car to reach the said airport and about an hour by car to reach Seoul—offering a great travel convenience.
Incheon’s exceptional shopping, tourism, and accommodation options make it a favorite site for international events. The Songdo area in Incheon and Incheon Open Port are top tourist attractions and are the filming sites of famous Korean TV series, such as My Love from the Star, Descendants of the Sun, and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, and all kinds of commercials and entertainment programs. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea, so it also offers special island tours off Incheon, where one can enjoy walking on mudflats, zip lining, and cruising. Families also flock to Incheon’s beaches during summer.
To top it all, Incheon also offers Wolmi Theme Park, where one can take a thrilling Viking ride or go club dancing, and Chinatown, where one can witness and experience Chinese culture in its original form, making Incheon a truly exceptional city.

  • Songdo Convensia (1-1)
  • Songdo Convensia (1-2)
  • Incheon Bridge (1-1)
  • Incheon Bridge (1-2)